OGZ 22 for Veterans

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A Non-Profit Organization working for Veterans with PTSD & their families


Are you a Veteran with PTSD and/or depression? Are you a Spouse of a Veteran with PTSD or depression? Operation Green Zone will give you a place to get away and meet other people who understand what it means to live with PTSD or with someone who has PTSD.

Help Veterans with PTSD


Operation Green Zone provides counseling and retreat weekends for Veterans with PTSD and their families on separate weekends. The PTSD veteran will meet with other vets for a weekend to receive PSTD counseling and support. On separate weekends spouses of Veterans will receive support and counseling.


Sign up for one of our fun and/or motivating events which give proceeds to our organization. Proceeds will help veterans and the their spouses have a relaxing and productive weekend.  Click Here for More Information

OUR BLOG – Want to know more about Veterans with PTSD?  Our blog helps to provide information to Veterans, their families and the general public about PTSD and just how much it affects the quality of life for the person with it and those around them.  Click Here to View our Blog

WANT TO HELP? – Operation Green Zone operates solely as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.  Our Veterans can use all of the help they can get.  We gladly accept donations of any amount.  Those donations go toward helping Operation Green Zone help Veterans and their families.  We plan events, help with counseling, filling out paperwork, etc.  Click Here to Donate

Added bonus!  When you book your event with InstaGLAM, a portion of the proceeds will go to Operation Green Zone.