We recently had our daughter’s Sweet 16 party which was Mardi Gras themed. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Instaglam Mirror Photo Booth. Folks, I don’t have a vested interest in this company. I just believe in passing the word along for hard-working small businesses that go out of their way – and they did. If anyone has a special party coming up you should really look into them. My daughter and her friends loved it! Plus, when your daughter is able to make my Dad pose with him holding a Gangsta sign, that right there is worth the price.
For starters, they wanted to know all the details of the party, then they sent us a customized picture border they’d designed based on the theme. Then when time came for the party, they set up in no time and really worked hard to be there on time and worked well with the space allotted.
Now during the party, imagine a giant mirror that you and friends stand in front of, complete with fun props to wear, etc. You touch the mirror when you’re ready and it counts down to when it’s time to snap the shot. It takes high quality pics of you and your friends and immediately prints the results for everyone to have as a keepsake. And you’re not charged by the picture, because you rent the booth for a set amount of time then guests can lose their minds with all the posing they want.
Equally cool, at the end they presented my daughter with a wonderful keepsake photo album with all of the prints inside and her guests signed. She also got a thumb drive with the pictures as well.
The company could not have been more accommodating and really went out of their way to make sure everyone had more than enough time to pose. Seriously, check them out. Especially if you have a sweet 16 (or any other bday party) coming up. It was the best decision and I know my daughter has wonderful memories.
Book them. You won’t be disappointed. They’re top notch!
~Gavin T

An absolute MUST for a party! The staff was so professional and cordial and kept things moving along beautifully. They did an amazing job of getting everyone at the party in front of the camera for a one on one with the birthday girl. That was an undertaking with 77 people at the party! Everyone loved getting in front of the mirror and posing and they had so much fun!! The props were awesome and the album is so cool! The guests loved going home with their own personal print of the pictures and I love having an entire album of them as well. I cannot say enough good things about Alison and her staff. They made my daughter’s Sweet 16 a huge success and for that I am one grateful momma!
~Kimberly S

The wedding was alot of fun and InstaGlam Ponte Verde was a sensational “hit” with our guests. They were so accommodating and professional. Better option than a traditional photo booth (that limits the amount of people who can be included.) Fabulous dress up accessories plus a large customizable keepsake photo card for everyone on the photo! Wow! Book this vendor….you will be very pleased.
~Michelle H

Alison and her team at Instaglam Mirror Photo Booth were AMAZING. She was so helpful and always willing to answer any and all questions. Between the beautiful design template, background, props, texting feature, etc. this was definitely a huge hit at our wedding. You will not be disappointed.
~Ashleigh H

Instaglam did an amazing job at my wedding this past weekend. It was a huge hit with all the guests. Alison and her assistant were amazing and so easy to work with! If you’re looking for a fun way to do a photo booth this is it!!!
~Brandy M

We had a big family and friends gathering and this photo booth with props was a blast! I am not sure who was having more fun, those that were taking the pictures or those that were looking on as they posed in “fun accessories”. Would absolutely have this again to create and document fun memories!
~Meredith L

My alumni and I, were super thrilled with how great Instaglam professionalism and fun! Their props, fun sayings on the mirrors, and excellent frames were outstanding! I have already recommended them to lots of friends!
~Jocelyn H

Instagram Mirror Photo Booth was exactly what we didn’t know we wanted! The team was professional and fun and made our wedding even more fun. Our guests loved it and wouldn’t sit down, they also loved having copies of their photos and we loved having the album at the end. You NEED this for your event. Literally zero complaints. I can’t say enough good things about them!
~Rachel S